Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Yorkers find organ donation registration "off-putting"

Only 13% of adults in the state of New York are registered organ donors, according to a story in the New York Times. Why is the registration rate so low? According to the story, it's because New Yorkers can't register on the internet and because they have to decide which organs and tissues they want to donate. Having to decide whether to donate your bone and connective tissue, heart with connective tissue, and pancreas with iliac vessels is "off-putting", according to the New York Times.

I wonder how many New York adults would find dying waiting for an organ transplant "off-putting". Probably a whole lot more than 13% of them.

LifeSharers has over 750 members in New York. New Yorkers (and everyone else in the United States) are welcome to join LifeSharers at www.lifesharers.org/enroll.aspx. Members get preferred access to the organs of other members, so they get a chance to help themselves while helping others.

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