Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Steve Jobs a registered organ donor?

"Reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs traveled to an unidentified hospital in Tennessee for a liver transplant this March have sparked a debate over whether the wealthy are able to use their resources to game the national organ donation system," according to an ABC News story.

Did Steve Jobs jump the waiting list? Is it fair that Steve Jobs was on the waiting list at multiple transplant centers? Should multiple listing be allowed? These are the questions being asked.

Here is the question nobody is asking: Is Steve Jobs a registered organ donor? If he wasn't willing to donate his organs after his death, then he got an organ that should have been given to a registered organ donor.

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laughingdragon said...

I think cancer patients aren't accepted as donors. So, Steve Jobs might donate his body for science but not to be used for transplants

Anonymous said...

my grandma died with her body overcome with cancer but her eyes were donated & 2 people could see because of that. my grandpa got a nice letter from the illinois eye bank afterwards.
so...i think you may be able to donate, depending on the circumstances.