Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who is punishing who?

A story aired on ABC TV in our nation's capitol says:

Professionals in the medical community are discussing a controversial proposal that would change the way people are placed on the national organ donor waiting list.

An organ donor network called LifeSharers wants the list to give preference to patients who signed up to be organ donors before they became sick.

According to the story:
The United Network for Organ Sharing, the non-profit organization that maintains the national waiting list, does not agree with the proposal. They believe it punishes transplant candidates who haven't made the personal decision to donate themselves.
Who is punishing who here? If I "haven't made the personal decision to donate", I have made the personal decision to bury or cremate organs that could save several lives. I have made the personal decision to punish my neighbors.

On the other hand, giving a preference to patients who signed up to be organ donors before they became sick will increase the number of organ donors. This helps everyone, even non-donors.

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Joseph said...

I have a chronic renal failure.
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
loss of renal function.
Kidney transplantation or renal transplantation
depending on the source of the recipient organ Living-donor,
renal transplants are furthering my chance to live again.
I look at my life as it was on death row.
I'm a father of three with passion to live.
I would like to ask someone for a second chance
please give from the heart,That's all i ask.

Joe Ruggirello

e said...

This question isn't related to the subject of the post. How does lifesharers work? Once an organ is transplanted into a recipient, is it that same organ that is donated again in the future? Or is the idea that the other organs kept alive by that donated organ are donated? I hope that makes sense.

Dave said...

Dear e:

To find out how LifeSharers works, please visit our web site at www.lifesharers.org.