Sunday, February 10, 2008

A survey of non-organ donors

The Patriot-News reports: "The Pennsylvania Medical Society, which wants people to be donors, recently surveyed non-donor licensed drivers to find out why they're not donors. It found 42.6 percent of them hadn't considered being an organ donor. Another 37.5 had considered it but don't feel comfortable being a donor."

The 42.6% who hadn't considered being an organ donor should consider what it would be like needing an organ transplant.

Of the 37.5% who don't feel comfortable being a donor, how many do you suppose would feel comfortable suffering while waiting for an organ transplant? They'd feel even less comfortable when they found out there was more than a 50-50 chance of dying before getting a transplant, while Americans who don't feel comfortable donating were burying or cremating thousands of transplantable organs every year.

Accoring to the survey, the other 20% of non-donors say they want to donate but haven't got around to signing up. The act of signing up is very important. Statistics show that if you've signed up to be an organ donor and told your family, your organs will be transplanted about 90% of the time if medically possible. If you don't sign up and tell your family, your family will refuse to allow donation about 50% of the time. This is why LifeSharers rewards the act of signing up to be an organ donor.

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Egg Donors said...

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Adam Mark said...

Very informative article. Brings some excellent points to light