Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why be an organ donor?

In a North Shore Sunday column, Daniel B. Kline writes: "What I can't understand is the millions of people who support organ donation, but aren't donors. Maybe they forget, maybe they just can't be bothered..."

I think he's right about the reasons. The vast majority of people don't have any good reason for not signing up as organ donors. On the other hand, there's no down side to delaying or forgetting.

The biggest reason to sign up as an organ donor is the chance to help others. Sadly, that's not enough of a motivator for a whole lot of people. So every year, thousands of organs that could have saved lives are buried or cremated instead.

With LifeSharers, there's another reason to sign up as an organ donor -- the chance to help yourself. You give up your organs after you're dead, and you get a better chance of receiving an organ if you ever need one to live.

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